A Late C.19 Hand Carved Wooden Statue of Saint Vincent (São Vicente)

A Late C.19 Hand Carved Wooden Statue of Saint Vincent (São Vicente)

Code: 953


W: 30cm (11.8")H: 95cm (37.4")


A beautiful hand carved wooden statue, believed to be of Saint Vincent (São Vicente) of Albufeira, Portugal. The statue dates to the late 19th Century and boasts original paintwork. The carving has exquisit detailing and the statue's face is particuarly fine. The statue features religious clothing and a bible in Saint Vicent's hand. The colours are still visible and the base has the name of the Saint painted on it. The statue has the maker's name carved in to its back which is partially readable. The statue does have a distressed look due to age but this gives great character to the item and highlights its age. The figure has had some repairs and has some damage. One shoulder has been repaired and the join can be seen. There are scratches and wear. The wooden base has some softness and there are some chips and damage due to this. There are cracks to the base and statue back. The cape has some damage, please see pictures for details. There is a cut to the top of the bible. The paintwork has some fading due to age. A fascinating and beautifully carved statue with a stunning, aged look that would make a wonderful decorative item. 

Width 30cm (approx)

Height 95cm (approx)