A reclaimed, stripped & lacquered industrial cubby / pigeon hole unit

A reclaimed, stripped & lacquered industrial cubby / pigeon hole unit

Code: AF0005


W: 125cm (49.2")H: 43.5cm (17.1")D: 125cm (49.2")


A very desirable, industrial style, steel cubby / pigeon hole storage unit. The unit is reclaimed and has been stripped and lacquered giving an attractive, industrial, silver burnished finish. The shelving has 44 small cubby holes for the storage of small fastenings, fittings or hobby items. Each cubby has a small recessed area for naming labels to be stuck. The pigeon hole unit can be mounted on a wall or could sit on a table or counter top. The unit is in a very good, useable, reclaimed condition and has some slight signs of use, adding to the industrial / warehouse feel of the item. The steel does have some scratches, marks, wear and character tarnish and patina. Some slight surface rust is present to the sides and cubby holes. Some light dents can be seen. One side has some damage with a slit to the metal and a dent. Some paint residue can be seen on one side. The cubby hole unit has a fantastic modern finish that would blend perfectly in an industrial work or home setting. The unit is very useful, with an abundance of storage, and has wonderful character, making it a fantastic show piece for home or business. 

Depth 23cm

Height 43.5cm

Width 125cm