Covent Garden Oak Costermonger Barrow, Industrial Rustic Ceiling Light

Covent Garden Oak Costermonger Barrow, Industrial Rustic Ceiling Light

Code: 891


W: 97cm (38.2")H: 77cm (30.3")D: 15cm (5.9")


A fantastic reclaimed costermonger's oak barrow part, originating from Covent Garden Market, that has been upcycled and repurposed in to a wonderful hanging ceiling light. The barrow body has a shabby yellow paint finish and a rustic, weathered look. The barrow has engravings on its inner sides stating the shop address from which the barrow came, "33 Neal St", and "Covent Garden" which refers to the produce market where the barrow would have been used. The barrow was in fact from 33 Neal Street which were the premises of Ellen Keeley who made these barrows for sale. Here is a link to a webpage with a picture of the shop.

 The barrow part comprises an oak frame with metal straps and semi-circular metal pieces. There is lovely wood detailing that imitates heavy springs under the semi-circular metal. The barrow part has been wired and 3 industrial style edison bulbs have been fitted. The light has chains to hang to the ceiling but please be aware that the item is very heavy and will need to be attached to a suitable position that can sustain the items weight. PLEASE NOTE: wiring box will be supplied but purchaser will have to get qualified elecrician to wire to the mains and test before use. The body of the light is reclaimed, dating to approximately 1950, and therefore has some character signs of wear and use, adding to the rustic and rural style of the barrow. There are some cracks and knocks to the wood but the item is solid. Some paint is chipping and there is some slight surface rust to metal areas. Slight erosion due to age and wear. There are some treated woodworm holes. A very unusual piece thats age and history give it great character. The item is a wonderful, unique, light that would be a true showpiece within a home. The lights rustic and industrial elements make it very fashionable and a very desireable item.

Length 97cm

Width 77cm (at widest)

Depth including metalwork 15cm