Office Desk And Bench with Oak Tops Industrial Style ref 832

Office Desk And Bench with Oak Tops Industrial Style ref 832

Code: 832


W: 123cm (48.4")H: 93cm (36.6")D: 65cm (25.6")

£395.00 inc. VAT

A unique, upcycled, desk and bench made using school gym equipment with reclaimed oak tops. The desk and bench set have a wonderful, industrial, warehouse style with distressed metal legs with the traditional blue paint featured on school gymnastics equipment. The legs have reclaimed solid oak tops that have attractive grain and pattern and have a wax finish that gives a rich, deep colour. The bench sits under the desk for storage and, once sat at the desk, there is comfortably enough room for legs. There is a foot rest bar on one side of the bench. The set is reclaimed and therefore has some signs of wear. The metal has deliberatley been left distressed, with chipped pait, marks, scratches and slight areas of surface rust to give an industrial feel. The metal has, however, been laqured to stop any further rusting. The oak has some knocks, scratches and staining that highlights the woods age. This unusual set would be perfect for an industrial style home or warehouse apartment and could also be used in a cafe or restaurant. The bench and desk have a very fashionable appeal and are very desireable items.

Desk top 123cm x 65cm.

Desk height 93cm.