DB0288 An Edwardian 6 Panel Mahogany Door

Code: DB0288

Dimensions:W: 87.5cm (34.4")H: 205.5cm (80.9")D: 4.5cm (1.8")

£195.00 inc. VAT

A solid mahogany Edwardian door, suitable for internal or external use, this is a handsome door with elegant rails and stiles. Please be aware that we think the panels are mahogany veneered ply. As there is some minor cracking and rippling in the surface of the panels, they would need to be used in a well protected external position if used externally. The door is presently varnished and will need needs stripping or sanding prior to painting or finishing. We are happy to quote for this work.  

We have a similar door to this one, see DB0289.

DB0288 An Edwardian 6 Panel Mahogany Door