Code: FC0194


W: 82.5cm (32.5")H: 97cm (38.2")


A very pretty, reclaimed, Victorian cast iron combination fire. The fire has a very ornate design,  with an intricate border under the mantel and triangular panels in the corners with acanthus leaf and medallion designs. The arched fire opening has a repeating border and the fire has curved front bars with decorative finials. The fire has one fixing lug on the left hand side, under the mantel and the other has broken off. We could possibly drill a hole to accommodate a fixing screw on the remaining piece of iron, please contact us to discuss this. The iron has been blacked and polished and has a nice finish. There is a registered design dating kite mark on the back of the fire and although it is now very difficult to read we can date the fire to pre 1884 when the dating system changed. 

The fire is in solid condition with some repaired damage and signs of its considerable age. The fire brick has been fixed in place and the adhesive can be seen around the outer edges. There are some knocks to the fire brick. The front bars have a chip out of them and the right hand finial is missing the ball top. The back of the fire has had some repairs and has been bolted in place using plates and bolts. You can see the repair from the back and you can see the fixing plate on the inside right hand side of the fire cheek. The top plate is a thinner metal replacement. There are some gaps between the fire and the base of the top plate. There are some knocks, pitting and casting marks to the iron. The back of the fire has surface rust, as expected. There are some bolts holding the grate in place. Some new screws have been added to the mantel. The back edge of mantel has some casting marks and indentations. Please see pictures for condition details. The fire has a very nice period appearance, with an abundance of character and it will make a lovely feature in a room. 

Mantel width 82.5cm

Mantel depth 16.5cm 

Height 97cm 

Body width 71.2cm 

Cavity width needed 44cm 

Cavity depth needed 23cm

Cavity height needed 73cm