Code: FC0213


W: 75cm (29.5")H: 96.3cm (37.9")


An ornate, reclaimed, cast iron Victorian bedroom combination fire for DECORATIVE USE. The fire has a handsome appearance with a classical style design with column style legs with fluting and reeding and small flower motifs. The crossbar has panels with delicate detailing. The fire has a very pretty smoke hood with flowers and leaves but please note that the smoke hood is not original to the fire and is a period replacement as the original was damaged. The fire has slightly curved front bars with classical style legs. The fire has two fixing lugs, one on either side, under the mantel for fixings to attach the fire to the wall, the feet have small tabs and there are tabs at the back of the mantel for sinking into the wall. The iron has been blacked and polished and has a nice finish. The back of the fire has a registered design number and although it is hard to read we believed it is RD127048, dating the fire (not the smoke hood) to 1889.

The fire is very heavy and has been well made but it has some signs of use and age and is suitable FOR DECORATIVE USE ONLY. The replacement smoke hood is not a completely tight fit and there are some gaps seen around the hood edges but this will not be particularly noticeable when the fire is fitted. There is no top to the back of the fire. There are some gaps around the fire brick that could be improved with you applying fire brick cement. The iron has some casting marks and pitting. The back edge of the mantel has a mark that runs its length, left from where it was previously fitted and the fixing lugs at the back of the mantel have concrete or similar in them. The fire brick has some knocks and chips. The back of the fire has surface rust. Please see pictures for condition details. The fire is a handsome Victorian item, ideal for adding period decorative character to a home.

Mantel depth 12.8cm (plus 2.1cm tabs at back of mantel) 

Mantel width 75cm 

Height 96.3cm approx 

Body width 61.5cm (65cm at feet approx)  

Cavity width needed 44cm 

Cavity depth needed 26cm

Cavity height needed 80cm