Code: FI0075


W: 76.2cm (30")H: 97cm (38.2")


A stunning and rare, reclaimed, tiled fire insert that we believe to be made by Eagle Iron works, Oxford. The fire insert is likely to date to the late Victorian period, C.1890. Eagle Iron Works made stunning and very unusual and intricate fires with unique features. The fire insert has wonderful decorative features often found during the Aesthetic Movement and the top section has trees, leaves and Greek style designs. The sides of the fire are fitted with beautiful tiles with decorative flowers and leaves in bright colours and there are thinner tiles in blue and brown in-between the larger tiles. 

The fire insert has a very unusual shape and it was once fitted into the corner of a room. The centre of the insert forms a point, with two decorative fixed plates at the top. Below the fixed plates are two plates with reeded detail and decorative borders. The plates can be slid up and down the fire, using small handles, and the inner sides have notches for the plates to sit on. We have shown the fire insert with the bottom plate slotted on to the fire, and shown how the fire looks when closed (picture 1). We believe this was a feature added so the insert can be closed during the summer while having a nice appearance. The top plate and bottom plate can move but there is only a small gap when both plates are in-situ and the top plate is raised(picture 2). We have also shown the insert with the bottom plate removed and the top plate raised (picture 3). The bottom plate could be removed and then rested against the fire at night time, if you would prefer more room to light a fire. You would need to decide how you would like the fire insert to work before it is fitted, as the bottom plate cannot be removed when in place. Please call us if you wish to discuss how the fire can be used. Please note that care will be needed when moving the iron plates up and down as they are heavy. The insert has a smoke flap but please note it will be quite hard to open it if both plates are fitted into the fire. 

The fire insert is in very good reclaimed condition, with some small signs of use and age, as expected. The top of the insert has some knocks to the sides and some unevenness. The iron has some small casting marks and pitting. The top screws do not sit totally flush. The tiles have some small knocks, crazing to the glaze and some marks. They also have some residue smoke marks. One tile has some very small knocks to the paint. The back of the insert has some surface rust. Please see pictures for condition details. The fire insert is designed to sit in the wall cavity and can then be paired with a fire surround.  The fire insert is a truly special and rare item and it would make a wonderful showpiece for a home. 

Height 97cm

Width (across front) 76.2cm

Fire opening width 38.7cm 

Cavity depth required 24cm

Cavity width required 42cm

Cavity height required 91cm