How to Buy from Our Website


Reclaimed items can vary widely in condition, both in terms of what restoration is needed or has been done already.


    - The first step is to browse the website for a suitable item or items.

​​​    - Then contact us via the enquiry form on each product page with any questions.

    - If you can’t find exactly what you want, email us via the Contact Page on the website to tell us what you are looking for, or pick up the phone and call us on 01730 231995. We usually can suggest a suitable item in stock (which may not be on the website).


Once we have found a suitable item, we need to discuss what you want in terms of further restoration (if any), options for resizing, finishing, delivery etc.

When we have this information we can estimate the cost and timing to give you an accurate quote for the project.

This way we can supply an item that suits your purpose, matches the style of your home and fits your budget. 


Measuring - Adjusting a Door’s size - Restoration - Delivery


Because every reclaimed door is different and in a different condition, we may need to discuss further restoration work and/or the cost of delivery before you mke a decision.

So when you have selected a door/doors send us the Enquiry form from the individual door’s detail page and we will contact you to discuss options.



Measuring Up –

The first thing is to work out the measurements of where the door is to sit.



Timber Frame –

If you have an existing timber frame, measure the internal height of the frame at each side, recording the larger measurement if they vary. Measure the width of the frame at the top, middle and bottom, again recording the largest measurement. Also measure the depth of the frame.


No Timber Frame External doors

If the frame is not timber, or needs replacing or is missing, measure the space from brick to brick. Generally speaking we then need to take off 10cms (5cms + 5cms each side) for the frame and 12cms off the height to give a target measurement for the door. Measure the depth of the brickwork also.


No Timber Frame - Internal Doors

If you are making new door openings and want to use reclaimed doors, it’s a very good idea to choose our doors first as reclaimed doors rarely fit standard openings without adjustment.  If you have studwork set up but not door linings, deduct 3cm per side and 3cm off the height to get your door size.



                                                NB: Be sure to measure the frame and not the old door

We may be able to make a new frame to match the size and style of your choice of door.  Please ask.


Adjusting the Size of a Door

It is possible for us to adjust the size of a door within limits.


Height – Most doors can be made 10cms taller or reduced by up to 10cms, whilst retaining the door’s structural strength.

Width Most doors can be reduced in width by up to 5cms in total, but it is difficult to make a door wider for aesthetic reasons.




Reclaimed doors are found in many and varied conditions. We only sell period doors that are structurally sound, but some doors require more restoration than others.

The question is how much restoration you require for your choice of door. See Restoration Services for the various services we can offer. While browsing the details of any door you can send us a request to quote for any restoration services you require.




Measuring  - Restoration - Modification - Usage

Measuring -

We give the following measurements for each fireplace:

The width and height of the fireplace and the width and depth of the mantle are obviously important given the size of the room. However just as important is the cavity size needed to take the fireplace. In the description we also give the minimum size of cavity you will need to take the fireplace.


Restoration -

Generally speaking, each fireplace will have been stripped back to the base metal and blacked and polished, ready for use. The backs of the fireplaces will be in a rusty condition, commensurate with the age of the item and there may have been additional restoration undertaken. The condition of each item is given in the description, however for more detail on the conditions or for further options, please contact us.


Modification -

We can resize a fire surround or can make a bespoke wooden surround to your requirements. Please contact us for options.


Usage -

Some fireplaces can be converted from coal and wood to gas fires if required.  This is a specialist service and you will need a HETAS registered fitter.  Some fireplaces will be for decorative use only, which will be highlighted in the description.



We have a constantly changing stock of reclaimed antique oak and pine flooring. We also supply new, seasoned and kiln dried oak, which is available in wider (up to 11 ins) and longer (up to 10ft) boards. We can also treat or stain the wood to give a period feel.

Please contact us via the enquiry form to discuss your requirements for flooring. Indicate the wood type, square meterage required etc. and we will contact you back.




We offer a delivery service to most areas of the UK and can deliver abroad. Please contact us for a quote which is dependent on item size/weight and the number of items involved.

If we are unable to make the delivery ourselves then we use either a UK courier company or for more delicate antiques a specialist antique removals firm. This is also quoted on a piece by piece basis. We will make sure your item is properly packaged for transit, and we try to arrange a delivery time to suit you.

(The delivery service is door to door only so you will need to make your own arrangements to carry the goods up staircases etc.)



Confused or Need Advice? 

We will either confirm your desired item is suitable for your needs or will reply with options for restoration or suggested alternative items that may be more suitable.

Not all stock is necessarily on the website because our stock changes all the time, so we may be able to help if a given item is not suitable.

Please contact us via the enquiry form or by email.