Code: DE0986


W: 81.1cm (31.9")H: 202.3cm (79.6")D: 4.6cm (1.8")


A handsome reclaimed oak cottage external door with a small opening glazed panel and metal grill. The door is heavy and well made and has a very nice appearance. The door has recessed panels with beading around the edges and the top panels are shaped to create a Gothic style arch. The door has a small panel with clear bullseye glass, that is hinged and can open. The front of the door has a Gothic style metal grill covering the glass. The door retains its Gothic style door furniture with decorative iron straps. There are decorative iron studs on the front face of the door. The door has an iron thumb latch and handle. The door has a Banham lock, with keys, but it can only be opened and locked from the outside face and the key will not turn on the inside face. You may be able to get the lock serviced by Banham. The door comes with a latch receiver and other hardware (please see pictures). The door has a varnished finish and the oak is of a nice colour. The base of the door has a slight step cut into half of the edge, so it closed nicely over a threshold.

The door is in good reclaimed condition with some slight signs of wear. The door has some small marks, scratches and knocks. One join has a very small knock. There is some tarnish and surface rust to the hinges and iron door hardware. 

We do not think the door is twisted but the hinge edge bows into the house in the middle of the door by 4mm. The bow starts 50cm from the ground, increases to 4mm wide and reduces to nothing about 10cm from the top of the door. The door was hung on two hinges. If you add a third hinge in the middle I think you can reduce this bow. When we put a straight edge diagonally on the inside of he door from the bottom hinge edge to the diagonally opposite corner there is a slight bulge in the centre rail and when the straight edge was touching the bottom corner and the middle of the door there was a 6mm gap at the top corner. You should be able to adjust the hinges slightly to deal with this by bringing the bottom hinge further into the house leaving the top hinge as tight as the rebate will allow.  Please see last three photos. Please ask if you need advice about this. 

Please see pictures for condition details. The door is a very nice rustic item, ideal for a Gothic or country home and has an abundance of charm and character.

Width 81.1cm (811mm)

Height 202.3cm (stepped cut out measurement) - 202.8cm (2023mm - 2028mm)

Depth 4.6cm (46mm)