Code: DI0892


W: 83.2cm (32.8")H: 193.6cm (76.2")D: 2.3cm (0.9")


A reclaimed oak plank internal door. The door has a nice rustic appearance and comprises of thick oak planks, some with crown detail. The front face of the door has decorative iron studs. The back face of the door has a ledge and brace construction. The door has a wooden pull handle on each side of the door and there is part of a latch but the thin latch part is missing. The oak has a nice grain and colour and it has had a finish applied, perhaps a varnish. 

The door is reclaimed and therefore has some signs of use and some damage, as expected. The door has some small knocks and chips and there are some splits in the wood. The top hinge edge of the door has a large crack and some further splits to the bottom hinge edge but the door is stable. The lock edge of the door has some knocks and unevenness and there are some chips and knocks to the top edge of the door. The front of the door had iron door straps that have been removed. There are indentations, holes, marks and stains where they sat. You will need to source strap hinges / decorative straps to cover the stains and marks. There are some indentations in the ledges where fixing staples have been added. The hinge notches are deep and can be seen when looking at the door. A part of the latch is missing on the back face of the door and this has left a mark. You may wish to find a new thumb latch and replace it. You may need to level the height of the door. Please see pictures for condition details. The door has a nice appearance and would make a lovely feature in a rustic or country home. 

Please note: We have several doors of the same design in similar and larger sizes, please see our other listings for details.

Width 83.2cm (832mm)

Height 193.6cm - 194.4cm (1936mm - 1944mm)

Thickness 2.3cm - 6cm approx, including ledges (23mm - 60mm)