Code: DE0993


A set of six reclaimed pine plank sliding garage doors. The doors are designed to sit on a track, with 3 doors on each side that are joined together. The doors have a complete track for the top with 2 sides, curves and front. Please note that the long section of the track is the front edge and where the doors will sit when closed together. Each door has wheels at the top that sit on the track. The bottom of the doors have a straight track only (shown in the last picture laid in front of the top track) and the bottom curve was a trench made in concrete on the floor. The base of the doors have pins so they stay in the track. The door metalwork, hardware and furniture is included, including pins, wheels, slide bolts and handles. When all 6 doors are all closed together at the front, the far left and far right doors are designed to be opened separately with a Yale lock. The doors still have the lock but there is no key and you will therefore need to replace these. These doors have a D handle on the inside and a cup handle on the outside face. Please note these doors cannot be opened from the outside unless the large slide bolts (that will need to be attached to the inside face) are up. You can padlock the doors on the inside where they meet.

The doors are in solid condition with some signs of age and some damage, as expected of reclaimed items.  The base of the doors were soft and the door furniture was removed and the soft wood has been cut away. The base of the doors have been patch repaired and teak batons have been glued and screwed to the bottom of the doors to create a waterproof base. The pine has some surface splits and cracks and there are some knocks and chips to the wood. There are holes and marks where the hardware has been removed. The door hardware, track and furniture has some surface rust and tarnish. The paint has chipping and flaking and the doors will need to be sanded and re-painted to suit. Please see pictures for condition details. The doors would make a useful addition to an external building or garage and are good reclaimed items. 

Measurements (approx due to age):

Please note: Door widths exclude the rebated edges. 

Door 1: 76.5cm x 195.8cm

Door 2: 78.7cm x 195.8cm 

Door 3 78.3cm x 196cm

Door 4: 78.8cm x 195.8cm

Door 5: 78.8cm x 195.8cm

Door 6: 76.5cm x 195.7cm

All door thicknesses 2.3cm or 6.3cm including ledges on back face