Code: DP0330


W: 117cm (46.1")H: 209cm (82.3")D: 5cm (2")


A pair of attractive, reclaimed, oak glazed doors dating to the Edwardian period. The doors are very well made, with mortise and tenon joints and are solid and heavy. The doors have an elegant design, with each door having a recessed panel at its base with decorative mouldings. Above the solid panels are decorative oak shelf detailing. The top of each door has 6 glazed panels that are fitted with clear glass and set into attractive brass casements. Purchaser must check that glass meets current safety requirements before use and replace if not. The oak has previously been waxed or varnished but there are some scratches, discolouration and marks and purchaser may wish to sand and refinish the doors to suit. The doors have slightly rounded outer edges and purchaser could cut the edges to make them straight. The measurements are listed with the rounded edge and also just the front face, excluding the rounded edge. The bottom of each door has a brass shoe and fixing pin that would have been fitted into the floor. This could be removed and traditional hinges added if the rounded edges are cut away. The doors have been used internally but could perhaps be converted to be used as external doors. The doors are in solid condition with some signs of use and wear, as expected of reclaimed items. The doors have some marks, knocks and scratches, especially to the edges and corners. There are some small holes and discolouration where door hardware has been removed. The decorative shelf detail has some knocks and chips. There are some stains to the base of the door and some discolouration overall. There is a knock near one of the brass shoes. The doors have a slight difference in height and may need slight levelling. There is some slight separation to the joints. Some small surface cracks in the oak. Please see pictures for condition details. The doors have a very nice Edwardian appearance and they will be a fantastic addition to a home. 

Width per door 58.5cm (Approx - including rounded edge)

Width per door (Front face excluding rounded edge) 58cm

Width of pair 117cm (approx - including rounded edge)

Width of pair 116cm (Front face excluding rounded edge)

Height door 1: 209cm - 209.5cm (inc brass shoe but not brass fixing pin)

Height door 2: 210.4cm - 211cm (inc brass shoe but not brass fixing pin)

Thickness 5cm