Restoration Services

We offer a restoration service on most wooden items and cast iron fires which is quoted on a piece by piece basis.

We quote for work individually rather than give general estimates, so that you have a fixed, definitive price to work with.



We can strip doors back to the bare wood, repair any damage and prepare them for varnishing or painting. We can finish doors using oil varnish or prime & undercoat them, depending on what is most suitable for the door or its proposed use.

We would not ordinarily supply the door with gloss paint because the paint will invariably be scratched or damaged, either in transit or during the hanging process.

We can supply the door with a new surround, or can modify the height and/or width of a door (within certain constraints) to make it fit your existing door surround.  In addition we can supply restored antique or modern replica door furniture such as locks, handles, hinges and letterboxes.


Our workshop can supply new glass for a glazed door. Invariably the old glass on a period door requires changing to meet modern regulations. We supply toughened glass, laminate safety glass and double glazed panels.

In most circumstances we can change a wooden panel to a glass panel, or vice versa. 


Stained Glass

Stained glass has been in use for over 1,000 years from early church glass, through elaborate Victorian design, up to the beautiful Art Nouveau designs and more contemporary styles.

We rescue and re-use stained glass in many of our doors, either by taking reclaimed panels and resizing/restoring them to fit a door, or we can make a new stained glass panel to match a client's design or match an existing design.

As extra protection, we add toughened glass in front of the stained glass panels.

To view our exiting stock visit the Stained Glass section of our online shop, or view some of our designs below for inspiration.


Wooden Flooring

We keep a stock of antique Oak, Pine, Elm and other hard wood flooring, which is constantly turning over. Please call to hear what stock we currently have, or visit the flooring section of our online shop.

We have a passion about creating the finest bespoke antique and aged hardwood flooring. A beautiful antique floor is essential to preserve the interior of your period home and can equally be used to create warmth, character and add value to any new property.

We can sell flooring 'as seen' or or we can square-edge, plane to standard thickness, sand and prepare top faces as required prior to delivery.



We come across a number of interesting items of period furniture and archetecural items, which we will repair and restore to their former glory. We can also use reclaimed wood to create 'new' items utilising the natural, mature beauty of antique wood.

Previous projects have included  kitchens, tables, garden furniture, butcher's blocks, islands and panelling. we can also accomdate client's own designs.

Fireplaces and Fire Surrounds

 We reclaim and restore period fireplaces and wooden, cast iron and marble fire surrounds. We have a reputation for dealing in fine quality genuine antique fireplaces and ac­cessories, a valuable resource for interior designers, architects, property develop­ers and of course our discerning customers.

Services include stripping back to bare metal, stone or timber and refinishing to customer's specifications. We can also resize fire surrounds, or convert fireplaces from coal to wood or gas fires.

We also keep a stock of fireplace spares such as grates, front bars and smoke flaps and a number of antique fireplace accessories.

While viewing the details of any item on this website, you can click on a link to request a quotation for further restoration services. Alternatively, please feel free to call us on 01730 231995 to discuss any item/s we have in stock that you would like us to restore or re-size or reglaze. Or call us for an appointment to visit us and discuss options for restoration.

Professional restoration

Reclaimed and restored oak flooring

Door re-glazed with stained glass

Oak table made from reclaimed wood

Restored oak gothic door