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Code: DI0725


W: 74.2cm (29.2")H: 180cm (70.9")D: 1.8cm (0.7")

A rustic, reclaimed, internal oak plank door. The door is well constructed with 3 planks and 2 further ridged planks in-between. The back face of the door has 3 thick oak ledges. The oak has a lovely aged rustic feel and textured appearance with natural wear and an attractive grain. The door has a wooden thumb latch and there is an iron sliding bolt. The door has traditional style iron hinge straps with large hinges. The door is solid and well made but does have some character signs of wear and rustic charm. The door has some scratches and marks and there are some chips and knocks. The base edge of the door has some split wood and a slight gouge. There are some wood knots, holes and some surface splits that do not affect the structural integrity of the door. There are some small treated woodworm holes. The door hardware has some tarnish and slight surface rust. The oak ledges have some slightly uneven edges. Door width and height may need some slight levelling. The textured planks are slightly loose within the door and may need securing slightly. Please see pictures for condition details. The door is ideal for a cottage or rustic barn interior and has an abundance of style and aged charm. 

Width 74.2cm - 74.9cm (742mm - 749mm)

Height 180cm - 181cm (1800mm - 1810mm)

Depth 1.8cm (18mm)

Depth with ledges 4.5cm (45mm)

Please note the measurements are approximate due to the rustic character of the wood.