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Code: FC0106


W: 94.8cm (37.3")H: 98cm (38.6")

A very handsome, reclaimed, cast iron combination fireplace dating to the Victorian period. The fire is of a good size, perfect for a larger bedroom, living or dining room and is solid and finely cast. The fire has a heavily decorated appearance with a repeated border pattern, around the fire opening and along the crossbar, with triangular shapes with leaves within them. There are further flower borders. The fire retains its original, shaped, front bars and top plate with decorative motif. The iron has been blacked and polished and has a lovely finish. The fire has a diamond registration mark that is difficult to read but the fire pre-dates 1884 when the registered design mark changed. The fire is in good condition but has some signs of age and use, as expected of antique items. The back has some surface rust. There are some small scratches, pitting and casting marks. One fixing lug is missing and there is some slight damage to the side where it has broken off. There is a small knock to the top of one of the front bars. The fire has a very attractive appearance that is ideal for a period home and has great character and charm.

Mantel depth 14.2cm

Mantel width 94.8cm

Height 98cm 

Body width 75cm (approx)

Cavity width 50cm 

Cavity depth 28cm

Cavity height 72cm