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Code: DI0744

A set of four reclaimed painted pine internal doors. The front face of the doors are all painted fire engine red and the back face either white or brown. Each door has two recessed panels over two larger recessed panels at the base. One door has a warning sign / label left from its pervious use. The doors are solid and well made and are suited to internal use. The paint has some chips, flaking and stains and purchaser may wish to sand and repaint one or both sides of each door. The doors are reclaimed and have some signs of wear and use and some light restoration may be required by purchaser. The doors have some damage, knocks, chips and splinters to the edges and to some to the door faces. The doors have holes and marks where hardware has been removed. We can patch repair holes for an extra charge, please contact us for details and a quote. There are some small holes and marks, especially to the back face of one door where there are lots of small holes and some damage. Door hardware will need to be supplied by purchaser. Please see pictures for condition details. The doors are of a similar size and are well made and are very useful internal doors.

Door 1 

Width 81.4cm

Height 202cm - 202.3cm

Thickness 4.3cm

Door 2

Width 80.4cm

Width 200.4cm

Thickness 4.5cm

Door 3

Width 80.5cm

Height 200.5cm

Thickness 4.4cm

Door 4 

Width 80.5cm

Height 201.6cm - 201.9cm

Thickness 4.6cm