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Code: M1562

A beautiful tile hearth made using Victorian encaustic / vitrified tiles. The hearth is created using 3 patterned central tiles and one near each corner that are surrounded by deep red, cream and grey/blue tile pieces. There are cream and red thin border tiles to surround the design. The hearth tiles are currently unfixed, ready for fitting and will be boxed with a picture of the tile pattern so it can be re-created by purchaser. We will also supply some spare border tiles (photographed), a small number of square tiles and one small triangular tile. Some of the outer border tiles are slightly longer so they can be cut in when fitted. The tiles have lovely soft colours but there is some colour variation and the tiles will have a darker appearance once sealed. The tiles will need some further cleaning with specialist products and then sealing to create a more even appearance. There are several good products for cleaning tiles, please contact us should you require any advice about cleaning and sealing the tiles. The tiles are in good reclaimed condition with some slight damage, as expected of reclaimed items. There are some knocks and chips, especially to the corners and edges and some tiles have some chips out of the top surface leaving a shallow scoop. There is some colour variation, cloudy staining and fading to the tiles. Please see pictures for condition details. The tiles have a very pretty, traditional, Victorian appearance, ideal for creating a hearth and it would make a wonderful addition to a home. 

Please note measurements are approximate as tiles are not fitted in place.

105.4cm x 48.5cm Very approximately