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Code: DE0943


W: 108.4cm (42.7")H: 211.5cm (83.3")D: 2.7cm (1.1")

A large and handsome, reclaimed, glazed farmhouse door that is now suitable for use as a garden gate, shed or outside storage building door. The door has a pine plank construction with four ledges on the back face and oak cover strips and drip bar to protect the pine against the weather. The oak cover strips have traditional iron stud detailing. The door has two panels that have been fitted with leaded glass. The glazing panels will now need some restoration as it is somewhat loose and the lead has bowed. Some of the glass is coming away from the lead and there are some small panels with cracks. Some of the glass has paint residue. Purchaser could have the glass removed and decorative iron grills added if the door is to be used as a garden or courtyard gate. The door has large iron strap hinges for use with pin hinges and there is an iron door knocker with a Gothic appearance and a metal letterplate. 

The door is solid but has some signs of age and some damage, making it now suited for use as a gate or door for an outbuilding. The top right hand side of the door, under the glazing panel, had a loose oak cover strip that has been put back in place, please see picture 4 (main picture shows it missing). There are some holes and shadows where door furniture has been removed. The door has some knocks, surface splits and notches and the wood has some discolouration and fading to the varnish. Purchaser may wish to sand and re-finish the door to suit. The metal door furniture, studs and hinges have surface rust and tarnish. Please see pictures for condition details. The door has a very nice rustic, traditional farmhouse appearance and it would make a nice feature in a garden or for an outbuilding. 

Please note: measurements are approximate due to age and wear.

Width 108.4cm - 108.9cm (1084mm - 1089mm)

Height 211.5cm -213cm approx (2115mm - 2130mm)

Depth 2.7cm - 5.6cm inc ledges (27mm - 56mm)