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A set of 8 reclaimed oak plank internal doors. The doors have a nice rustic appearance and comprise of thick oak planks with crown detail and there are iron studs across the doors. The back face of the doors have three ledges, some with thick fixing staples. All doors have iron strap hinges and there is some wooden door furniture attached. We are also including many wooden door furniture spares (see last picture) although some pieces are broken. The oak has a very interesting grain and the doors are solid and well constructed. The oak has been varnished or stained but please note that the doors vary in colour and do not all match each other. You could sand and re-finish the doors to suit. The doors do differ in size but all are fairly close to standard width. 

The doors are reclaimed and therefore have some signs of use and wear, as expected. The doors have some small knocks, surface splits and chips. The doors have some scratches and marks and there is colour variation between the doors. Iron studs and hinges have some surface rust. Door 2 has a crack. Door 4 has a large wood knot with a split running through it. Door 7 has a knock to the base, a crack in a ledge and some damage to the lock edge. Door 8 has a patch repair to a door furniture hole. Please see pictures for condition details. The doors have a great deal of character and would make nice feature items in a rustic or country home. 

Door 1: 75.5cm x 196.4cm x 2.3cm (4.8cm including ledges)

Door 2: 75.1cm x 197.4cm x 2.3cm (4.6cm including ledges)

Door 3: 75cm x 196.2cm x 2.3cm (4.6cm including ledges)

Door 4: 76.6cm x 196.6cm x 2.3cm (4.6cm including ledges)

Door 5: 75.4cm x 193.6cm x 2.3cm (4.6cm including ledges)

Door 6: 76.4cm x 196.2cm x 2.3cm (4.6cm including ledges)

Door 7: 74.4cm x 195.3cm x 2.3cm (4.6cm including ledges)

Door 8: 75.3cm x 197.8cm x 2.3cm (4.6cm including ledges)