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Code: FC0193


W: 94cm (37")H: 103.5cm (40.7")

A handsome, reclaimed, antique combination fire, likely to date to the late Victorian period. The cast iron fire has an interesting design with column style legs and panels with moulding detail, under the mantel. The fire has curved front bars and retains its smoke flap. The fire has three bullseyes or roundels and the fire opening is arched. The iron has been blacked and polished and the fire has a good finish. Please note, the mantel is a wooden replacement, sprayed black, as the original was damaged. The fire has two ornate acanthus leaf fixing lugs, one on each side, at the top under the mantel and there is a small fixing lug at the base of the left leg and a replacement fixing tab at the base of the right leg.

The fire is in solid condition with some signs of age and some damage that has been repaired to a high standard. The right hand leg has had a quality repair to the base. The iron has been bolted and has strengthening plates at the back and there are some screws and a crack that can be seen from the side. The fixing lug at the base has been replaced with a new metal fixing tab. There are some thin gaps under the mantel, between the mantel base and the fire. The smoke flap has been bolted together at the base due to damage. The grill has been bolted in. The wooden mantel has some surface cracks and some darker patches around the screws. The iron has some knocks and casting marks. The back has some surface rust. There is a slight gap between the front of the grill and the front bars. There are small gaps between the base of the top plate and the fire. Please see pictures for condition details. The fire has a fantastic period appearance and it is of a good size for a reception room or bedroom. The combination fire would be a nice feature for a fireplace.

Mantel width 94cm

Mantel depth 15cm 

Height 103.5cm approx 

Body width 74cm approx

Cavity width needed 44cm 

Cavity depth needed 27cm

Cavity height needed 75cm