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Code: DB0757


H: 217.8cm (85.7")D: 4.5cm (1.8")

A fine quality, reclaimed, hand carved Gothic painted pine door. The door has a fantastic appearance with eight recessed panels, four larger over four smaller, all with pointed arches and Gothic detailing. The lower panels have slim mouldings or "drip bars" at their base that protrude slightly at the bottom. The door has been painted white but the paint has extensive staining, chipping and flaking and the door will need sanding and re-finishing by you to suit. The door is ideal for internal use or could perhaps be used externally if some work is carried out to the door and it is placed in a covered area away from weather. Please contact us if you require any advice about this. 

The door is very heavy and well made with some signs of age and use, as expected of reclaimed antique items. There are some knocks, surface cracks and chips to the door, especially the edges and corners. The top edge has sustained a knock and has some splintering and damage. Some of the door joints have some slight separation. There are holes and marks left from hardware removal. Any remaining door hardware will need to be removed and new hardware added by you. One of the lower panel "drip bar" mouldings has some damage to one corner. The door has a baton attached to one side that was used to adjust the width of the door. The widths including and excluding the baton are listed below. You could remove the baton if required. The door height may need some levelling. The hinges have residue paint and surface rust. Please see pictures for condition details. The door has a very elegant Gothic appearance and it is finely made, making it a wonderful feature for a home.  

PLEASE NOTE: We have several doors of a similar design to this one (with small differences) available for sale. Please see our other listings for details. 

Width including baton 99.3cm (993mm) 

Width excluding baton 98.4cm (984mm) approx

Height 217.8cm - 218.1cm (2178mm - 2181mm)

Thickness 4.5cm (45mm)