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Code: DP0479


W: 110.5cm (43.5")H: 203.1cm (80")D: 4.7cm (1.9")

A pair of reclaimed, painted pine glazed doors for internal or possible external use. The doors are solid and well made and each door has two panels that have been fitted with clear glass. PLEASE NOTE: The glass DOES NOT meet current safety standards and it MUST be changed BEFORE FITTING THE DOORS. We can re-glaze the doors for an extra charge, please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a quote. Please note, the doors will not be able to be fitted with double glazing. The base of each door has a small panel with wooden mouldings. The doors have closing beads on the inner edges so they sit nicely together when closed. The doors are ideal for internal use but they could be used externally if some work is carried out to them. Please contact us for advice, should you wish to use the doors externally.

The doors are reclaimed with some signs of age and some damage, as expected. The doors have some knocks and chips. The top corners have some damage and the bottom edges have some knocks and chips out of them. One of the closing beads has a gouge out of it. The doors have some holes and marks left from where door hardware has been removed and there are some smaller holes near the base of the doors. The paint has some chips and cracks and you will need to sand and refinish the doors to suit. One door had an extra closing bead added that has now been removed but the inner edge is now missing the white paint and there is some roughness to the wood there. The hinges have surface rust and have seized and will need replacing. Please see pictures for condition details. The doors have a nice appearance and would make a good feature in a home. 


Width of pair 110.5cm approx

Width per door 54.6cm & 54.8cm excluding closing bead

Height 203.1cm 

Depth 4.7cm