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Code: M1945

A set of five, reclaimed, antique pine apothecary / chemist cupboard doors likely to date to the early 20th century. The set includes two pairs of doors and one single. The doors appear to be from a chemist or apothecary as they have a small sticker on them in English and Dutch indicating poisons were kept in the cupboard. The doors have a fine antique appearance, with the pairs of doors each having a large glazed panel and three smaller panels at the top that form a lovely shape. The single door has a large panel and two top panels that form an arch and flow with the other doors. The cup pull handles are on the outer edges of the pairs of doors but you could swap the doors around so the cup pull handles are sat together in the middle but this would change the shape the glass creates at the top of the doors (please see last picture for doors set up in this way).  The cupboard doors are glazed with textured glass but the glass is very unlikely to meet current safety requirements and MUST be changed if not. The pairs of doors have brass pull cup handles and the single door has a small handle and a key plate. Please note the door has no key. The pairs of doors have a thin rebate tab at the top, but you could cut the tabs away to level the door heights. The pine has been varnished but it has some scratches, discolouration and marks and you may wish to sand and re-finish the pine to suit. 

The doors are in solid condition with some signs of wear and there is some damage to the glass. There are some knocks, scratches and marks to the pine. The glass has some cracks and breaks, leaving some gaps between the glass and pine frame. The brass door furniture has tarnish and wear. One glazing bead is loose, on the back face of one door. Please see pictures for condition details. The cupboard doors have a very nice antique look, with great character and they will be ideal for a home project. 

Pair 1 

Width of pair 148.2cm approx

Height 146.5cm approx (including 1cm tabs at top)

Depth 2.4cm

Pair 2 

Width of pair 152.5cm approx

Height 146.8cm approx (including 1cm tabs at top)

Depth 2.4cm

Single door

Width 73cm

Height 147.5cm

Depth 2.4cm